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FOX TRAX is a music production company based out of Sydney. Nestled amongst the suites of REC Studios, it is a proud member of a young and vibrant music making community.

FOX TRAX recorded and produced Unearthed High winners MOSQUITO COAST and their hit song CALL MY NAME. It is also the place where PORSCHES recorded and produced their song HORSES which gained triple J high rotation this year.


FOX TRAX was founded and is run by producer and musician Carl Fox. As a musician Carl Fox has supported acts such as FLUME, RUFUS, LITTLE DRAGON, LYKKE LI, and played festivals including PARK-LIFE and LANE-WAY. Carl Fox has gained a University Degree in Audio Production and has expanded on this knowledge through interning at Rec Studios in Sydney. During this time Carl has developed a comprehensive knowledge of Production and Engineering techniques.


This combination of technical knowledge and experience as a touring musician offers a unique resource for the writing artist. Working with FOX TRAX enables artistic ideas to grow in a professional and creative environment while ensuring a quality production is achieved.


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Trax News


Mosquito Coast wins Triple J Unearthed High 2015!!


Mosquito Coast has been crowned as the 2015 winner of  triple j Unearthed High competition.

The Perth band consists of two talented 17-year-olds: singer-guitarist Naomi Robinson, a Year 12 student from Presbyterian Ladies’ College, and drummer Conor Barton, from Churchlands High School. Together, they craft sun-streaked garage pop and breezy indie rock; you can learn more over at triple j Unearthed but you’ve probably caught their competition-winning track, the wistfully confident and instantly catchy jam ‘Call My Name’.










The basic production packages include the following processes.

  • 1. Pre-Production

     Pre-Production ensures that the producer and the artist share an understanding about the stylistic direction of your music. It involves workshopping songs and engaging with a variety of reference tracks.

  • 2. Demo

    We then move onto tracking a demo of the song using the format and ideas explored during the Pre-Production process.

  • 3. Record

    Next we record a quality version of all the elements of your track. This stage will vary depending on which studio you choose to work in and the stylistic direction of the project.

  • 4. Produce

    Production decisions can often start happening right from the beginning, but really do come to fruition at this stage of the project. This is where the song is pushed in the direction of the reference tracks.

  • 5. Mix

    An ‘in the box’ mix will be provided in the package. Once you are happy with the track you will have the option of having it mixed in the Main Studio using outboard gear and the SSL console for an additional fee.

  • 6. The Ultimate Package

    This package will give you everything you need to bring your songs to life and ready for release!




production options



    • Demo Quality Song
    • 1 Recording/Programming Session
    • Small Studio Hire
    • Engineer Included
    • No Full Drum Kits
  • Boutique Studio

    Electronic / Acoustic
    • Release Quality Song
    • 2 Recording/Programming Sessions
    • Small Studio Hire
    • Engineer Included
    • ‘In The Box’ Mix
    • No full drum kits
  • Main Studio

    • Release Quality Track
    • 1 Day Main Studio Hire
    • 1 Day Small Studio Hire
    • Engineer Included
    • ‘In The Box’ Mix Included
    • Record Full Drum Kit

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